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Handcrafted to fit your needs

Craftsman quality workmanship and laser precision combine to make a unique product for you business or home. From accounting offices and consultants to recording studios and tattoo parlors, we have you covered.


Flexable and unique

From single items to bulk orders, everything is handmade in Monrovia, CA. Choose from a variety of exotic or common materials including wood, shell, mineral, plastics, glass, fabrics and more. Or, combine multiple materials for an even more custom look!


One-to-One service

When you contact Ember, you speak directly to the person completing your order. No automated service, outsourced personnel, or annoying menus. If something is not right, we will make it right until you are satisfied. 

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Custom is our normal, what can we help you with?

Ember Personalization Services

Monrovia, CA, USA

(626) 346-2299